Shops, DLC and other things

I’m working on a store system to the Game Maker project (seriously, we need to give a name to this).

You have objects, and prices. And those things that have stores. Except carts, perhaps.

Well, or it would have them if I were capable of deciding the style of the shop. I believe that it is the part of the game with more options and the one whose design has changed more.

It first started as a bar at the bottom of the screen. You could click on the objects to buy without stopping the game, but I thought it was a bit tacky.

 It became a separate screen with large objects that moved, expanded descriptions, lights that shined by placing the mouse over and other nice things. However, it involved having to pause the game, and it did not convince me.

Currently, it’s a bar again. But it still doesn’t convince me. It lacks that “something” that gives charm. Perhaps the store is not even needed. Time will tell.

Moving on, I am researching on how to include external content in Game Maker. It might be useful to patch bugs or include new levels, but it seems that there isn’t any solid information in this regard.

(Misc: play Eridani. A strategy game IN SPACE)