Working hard (or the importance of save the changes every five minutes)

There’s been little things in the blog due to high productivity. It’s a good reason.
The Game-Maker-Thing level design is progressing slowly. Thinking of obstacles is far more fun than I expected. Although this town have a habit of running out light continuously and little of what I do is conserved. Coding here is a risky job

Maybe we will be able to show graphic material very soon. Maenen has a computer at full capacity again
and we are working on having the graphics ready as soon as posible.
Well, actually we are focused on making her finish Portal. Long story short; now her productivity is focused on psychopathic robots. It’s fantastic.

Ending with a thought: Valve makes Greenlight, a system in which users can decide what games they want on Steam, and after some problems with some users, they put a $100 fee to submit a game. You would have to pay $100 for trying to publish a game (which could be free to play and without benefits) and it’s not even insured that it will be published? Seriously, Valve?